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Why Us

We Know Our Stuff We are proud to be specialists in our destinations and are constantly looking to producing the most innovative and ground-breaking holidays on the market. Whether you are looking for serious adventure, or a more relaxing and luxurious experience, we have always strived to offer something different and memorable.

Our Passion We are passionate about travel and we love to help you to create the best holiday.
The Extra Mile We look closer at the details to provide a tailored service and a bespoke itinerary.
It’s Personal From your first call your booking will be handled by your own personal travel consultant that will inspire and guide you to find a trip that is perfect for you.
Years of Experiences We have been operating for over 10 years and with our exceptional travel experiences, we help and advise you. 

Luxury And More We offer some of the most luxurious hotels in the region. But a journey sometimes goes beyond luxury; it's also an experience. Stolen moments that we never forget, should it be spending a night under the stars in the desert or a story shared with a local shopkeeper.
A Local Flavor We use local guides and believe in supporting local businesses. There is plenty of interaction with locals, in this way you get the opportunity to know the country, its people and its culture.
A touch of Adventure Experience the extraordinary, focus on many aspects of a country from the classical and archaeological to its people and landscapes and must-see sights are combined with some lesser-known highlights, often in remote rural locations. Should it be a local meal or diving the Red Sea.

Individual Taste, Individual Style Simple or luxurious, authentic or chic, romantic or adventurous, every trip is about you. We Listen to what you want to see and do, and we help you create the best holiday you've ever had.

All About Choice As a specialist operator, we try to offer as many choices as we can from hotel to excursion experiences and interests. The Little Things It’s the little things that count; those personal touches that mean so much. Tailored For You We are passionate about creating the best holidays in the whole wide world and going that extra mile to make sure your trip is unique and individually tailored for you. At Your Service We care about what we do and delight in having you travel with us. High levels of service make all the difference and we aspire to offer this at all times.

Once In A Lifetime Experience Our magic touch add that bit of brilliance that will help ensure you extraordinary moments and special experiences.
Sense of Adventure  choose your own adventure between small group and tailormade itineraries, also on countries and regions that can genuinely be described as off the beaten track.
Time Out Put your busy life on hold; a change is as good as a rest. Rediscover yourself, through new destinations and cultures.

Experience Travel We believe that travel is about bringing the senses alive; to see, feel, smell and hear the country. A world out there waiting to be discovered, explored and experienced. Of course sometimes, it's just about relaxation!

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